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Chris Barbic

Chris Barbic was named the superintendent of the ASD in May 2011.  Chris leads a student-focused, people-powered organization committed to moving the bottom 5% of schools in Tennessee to the top 25% in five years.  Under Chris’s leadership, the ASD is creating the conditions for students and teachers to succeed—and parents to have great choices—in a rapidly growing network of high-performing schools.  Prior to becoming superintendent of the ASD, Chris was the founder and chief executive officer of YES Prep Public Schools, 2012 winner of the prestigious Broad Prize.  To date, YES Prep has graduated 12 classes of seniors, 100% of whom have earned acceptance to a four-year college or university.  Prior to founding YES Prep, Chris taught for six years in the Houston Independent School District and was a member of Teach for America. In 1995, he earned HISD’s “Outstanding Young Educator” award. In 2001, Chris was selected by President Bush to serve on the President’s Commission on Excellence in Hispanic Education, and in 2006 was awarded Vanderbilt University’s Distinguished Alumnus Award. Barbic graduated from Vanderbilt University in 1992 with a bachelor’s degree in English and human development.

Portfolio & Accountability

Malika Anderson

Malika is the Chief Portfolio Officer of the Achievement School District, where she leads the authorization and start-up support of charter school operators, and the assessment and accountability system for all ASD schools.

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New Schools Director

Margo Roen

Margo Roen is the Director of New Schools for the ASD and brings her significant teaching and leadership experience to Tennessee from New Orleans.

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Rich Haglund

Rich previously served as the director of charter schools for the Tennessee Department of Education, general counsel to the Tennessee Board of Education, and as an assistant attorney general.

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Chief of Staff

Elliot Smalley

Elliot Smalley became the ASD’s Chief of Staff in April, 2012. He leads the ASD’s communications and strategy efforts and seeks to ensure the ASD inspires, engages, and compels people inside and outside its schools.

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Executive Director

Ash Solar

Ash serves as the Executive Director for the Achievement Schools in Frayser, working to create a context for amazing, hard working people to humbly accomplish incredible things on behalf of students.

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School Leadership

Nataki Gregory

Nataki Gregory is Interim Principal of Westside Achievement Elementary school and the Director of Leadership Development for the Achievement School District, focusing on instructional support and professional learning for leaders and teachers.

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Elizabeth Genco

Elizabeth Genco serves as Senior Director of Operations for the Achievement Schools in the Frayser neighborhood of Memphis.

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Lesley Brown

Lesley is the Director of Strategic Talent Initiatives for the ASD where she works to create the best place for talented professionals to grow a career in education.

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Knowledge Management

Josh Czupryk

Josh is the Data and Student Information Manager for the Achievement School District. In his work, he ensures our teachers, leaders, and support staff members have most important information necessary to better serve our students.

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Talent Recruitment

Kimberly Branch

Kimberly Branch is the Director of Talent Recruitment at the Achievement School District.

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Anna Russo

Anna Russo spends her time recruiting the best teachers in the country to join our team. She is a former middle school science teacher. Anna graduated from the University of Texas in Austin and is a 2010 Teach For America Memphis Alumna.

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Community Engagement

Teddy King

Teddy King is a former Westside Middle School Teacher and the Director of Community Engagement.

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Jessica Jackson

Jessica Jackson is the principal of Corning Achievement Elementary School, where she and her teachers are fired up to provide every student with an incredible experience—and engage parents like never before—this year.

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James Dennis

James is the principal of Frayser Achievement Elementary School, where he and his teachers have amazing things planned for students, parents, and community members this year. Go Rams!

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Debra Broughton

Debra Broughton is the Principal of Whitney Achievement Elementary School. Debra has served in school leadership roles at George Washington Carver and Westside Middle School.

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