Start-Up and Experienced Operator Application Tracks

The Charter School Proposal process is a phased process with multiple feedback points. Applicants will first submit an Intent to Apply packet. For Start-Up applicants, this will consist of a Founders Application, school summary template, and eligibility requirement check; the Experienced Operators will complete a data request, school summary template, and eligibility requirement check. Invited applicants will then submit a proposal in response to the ASD’s Request for Proposals, which includes a section on Meeting the Need, Academic Plan, Operations Plan, and Financial Plan, followed by an interview for those who qualify. The interview may include performance tasks and scenarios based on actual experiences from the ASD’s current schools as well as targeted questions based on the submitted Plans.
The process will also provide charter applicants with a choice of customized application tracks most relevant to their background and organizational capabilities:

startupStart-Up Application Track–Appropriate for groups that have no experience running autonomous charter schools.  Start-Up applicants should ensure that plans for a new school are explained in depth in place of a track record (applications may be up to 100 pages, excluding the required attachments) and have a school leader identified by the time of application.  Start-Up applicants may apply to open only one school.



experiencedExperienced Operator Application Track–Appropriate for experienced charter operators that have one or more successful schools in operation in Tennessee and/or nationwide. This track will immediately focus on the recent performance of existing schools and the operational elements of the applicant’s plan to expand into high need, high priority communities in Tennessee (application may be up to 100 pages, excluding attachments). Experienced operators are eligible to apply to open multiple schools utilizing this application (see the Application Evaluation link for details). The ASD will evaluate the academic track record of each Experienced Operator candidate upon receipt of their mandatory Intent to Apply packet. *The ASD will invite qualified operators to proceed to Phase 2 of the application process within one week of receiving the required data (included in the Intent to Apply packet).

These different application tracks will have slightly different requirements and different independent evaluation elements, all most appropriate for an applicant’s background and proven capabilities. Applicants should select the appropriate application track using the following table for guidance.


Opportunity to Apply for Multiple Schools (Experienced Operators Only)

Experienced Operator applicants are eligible to apply for multiple schools.  Start-Up Applicants may only apply for one school and should disregard the instructions below.

Experienced Operator applicants should utilize the following growth plan: