School House Priorities

Achievement School District Priorities

Applicants must meet various eligibility requirements at each stage of the application process.  Operators must acknowledge that they meet these requirements by submitting a signed copy of the Eligibility Notification Form included as part of the Intent to Apply packet.

In addition to legal qualifications, the Achievement School District has other strategic priorities:

Feeder Pattern Focus

The ASD believes in a “feeder” pattern focus—groups of elementary, middle, and high schools feeding into each other—to ensure community collaboration and to maximize the impact of the turnaround work.

Feeder patterns of focus exhibit one or more of the following criteria:

  • High Concentration of Need–a large number of schools in the feeder pattern are on the Priority List
  • Lowest Performing Schools–one or more of the schools in the feeder pattern are of the highest need
  • Ongoing Turnaround Work–one or more schools in the neighborhood are currently being transformed by the ASD or the LEA (iZone school)

Priority List

The applicant seeks to acquire a charter for a school that will be located in the Achievement School District, which:

  • May only serve students zoned to attend a Priority List school (schools performing in the bottom 5% of Tennessee’s schools)
  • In the case of a Phase-In or Full Transformation model, will commit to serving every student currently zoned to attend the school with which the operator is matched to turn around and will provide transportation in accord with the ASD transportation policy


  • Seek to improve student outcomes at Priority Schools
  • Believe that the work goes beyond the classroom—transforming communities in partnership with community members