Be Empowered. Stay Informed. Get Involved. Join Your Neighborhood Advisory Council!

  • DEADLINE EXTENDED: Complete the Neighborhood Advisory Council application by Wednesday, September 23
  • Group interviews will take place Saturday, September 26
  • Make up interviews will take place Thursday, October 1
  • If selected, training will take place the week of October 19


The Achievement School District is looking for engaged and thoughtful individuals to serve on its Neighborhood Advisory Councils (NACs) and help influence future ASD transformations. These councils will be made up of Memphis parents, students, community members, and education leaders. Members of the NACs will be responsible for assessing the strength and fit of school operators interested in transforming low performing schools in their communities. These assessments will be used to help determine which schools the ASD will convert in the 2016-17 school year.

The shared mission of NACs is to connect great communities with great schools, ensuring high quality educational options for the students and families of Memphis. All council members will focus their efforts on keeping your school’s community informed, engaged, and empowered in conversations about opportunities for immediate and profound improvement of learning environments for our children.


The ASD is forming ~6 Neighborhood Advisory Councils across Memphis to help inform decisions about which schools the ASD will serve in  the 2016-17 school year. NACs will be formed in Memphis neighborhoods which have at least one eligible “Priority” school. A Priority school is a school identified by the state as academically low-performing (in the bottom 5% in Tennessee), and identified as in need of an intervention.

NACs will be comprised of 10-14 individuals with ties to Priority school communities. Councils will be responsible for engaging with interested charter school operators around school needs, and assessing operator plans for school transformation.

These NACs will replace and build upon the former Achievement Advisory Council (AAC).


You are encouraged to apply to be on an NAC if you have ties to a Priority school neighborhood. The Priority school neighborhoods listed below have one or more Priority school eligible for ASD intervention. Anyone who lives, works, goes to church, sends their children to school, etc. in one of these neighborhoods is eligible to apply.

Please note: We are currently only accepting NAC applications for Memphis. The specific schools that will participate in the ASD’s conversion process are:. Find out more about ASD Eligible Schools.

Priority Schools with potential for an NAC:

  • Caldwell-Guthrie Elementary School
  • Hawkins Mill Elementary School
  • Hillcrest High School
  • Kirby Middle School
  • Raleigh-Egypt Middle School
  • Sheffield Elementary School

Note: Due to how geographically close the schools are, Hawkins Mill Elementary and Raleigh-Egypt Middle schools will be served by a larger, merged council as will Sheffield Elementary and Kirby Middle schools. This will result in a total of four NACs.

Each NAC will have at least 10 members, with at least half of the seats allotted for parents, as they are directly impacted by the decision. Other Council seats will be available for high school students, teachers and school staff, community members, business owners, clergy, and other members of the Priority school community.


NACs are responsible for assessing any ASD operator interested in transforming a Priority school in their neighborhood. The NACs will deliver their assessment by:

  • Providing operators with perspective on community assets, values, needs and challenges
  • Reviewing an operator’s school-specific plan for transformation in their application and in follow-up interviews
  • Engaging the broader school community to solicit input and elevate community concerns around transformation plans
  • Assessing operator’s potential to meet a particular school’s needs, using an ASD-provided rubric


NAC members have a powerful opportunity to represent and serve their communities during the conversion process. With such an impactful role, also comes a strong commitment. The commitments of NAC members are as follows:

  • Wednesday, September 23–NAC applications due
  • Saturday, September 26–NAC interviews
  • October 8–Attend “Meet the Operator Fair” (optional)
  • Week of October 19–Attend orientation and training
  • October 26–Review transformation applications submitted by ASD school operators
  • Weekly during November–Interview school operators
  • Week of November 30–Complete and submit individual assessments using ASD-provided rubric


Transportation, childcare, and food will be provided for all meetings.

We strongly welcome members of the AAC—our previous assessment team—to serve on the NAC this year, building on their experiences from previous matching cycles.


To apply, please complete the NAC Application. Please note the following key dates:

  • Completed applications are due by Wednesday, September 23
  • Group interviews will take place Saturday, September 26
  • If selected, training will take place the week of October 19

If you have any questions about the process, please email Anjelica Hardin at