It is difficult to meet Malika Anderson and not clearly hear her passionate commitment to improving educational opportunities for students.  This passion shows up in the way she engages with students in classrooms, the way she communicates with parents, and the way she uses any development to emphasize the district’s mission and galvanize staff all over again.

Having served on the ASD’s staff since its earliest days, Malika understood the challenges and the hard work individuals on all sides must undertake in order to improve outcomes for students.

As news of her September 30th resignation became public, Superintendent Malika Anderson took time to share the following message with families, operators, staff, and supporters of education across Tennessee:


I write to inform you that effective September 30th I am resigning from my position as Superintendent of the Achievement School District.  I recently made Commissioner McQueen aware of my decision and wanted to make you aware as soon as I was able to share.

I know that you would agree with me that our work is for warriors with big hearts, swift hands, nimble minds and an unwavering belief that every child should have access to excellent schools and teachers because excellence equals opportunity. For nearly six years as a founding leader of the ASD, I have had the privilege of working alongside just such dedicated warriors: educators, school operators, district and state leaders, community members, and student support providers all helping families zoned to TN’s Priority schools get the attention they deserve; to be heard above the din of competing zoning, funding and political priorities that if left unchecked can perpetuate systemic injustice.

Many brilliant and big-hearted warriors for TN’s youth came before me; many pushed, pulled and uplifted Priority school students beside me on the front lines; and still others will come forward and lead the ASD’s parent movement for educational excellence and opportunity into the future. At the end of September, I will transition out of my role as superintendent of the ASD, but I will forever champion our continuing work, love and high expectations for every child the ASD has been blessed to serve.



The Achievement School District wishes to appreciate and salute the work and legacy of outgoing superintendent Malika W. Anderson.