Office of Instructional Support

Instructional Support

Because support for teachers must be ongoing, building capacity in school-based content leaders is critical. Therefore, the support provided to schools will be done in collaboration with school-based content leads. This can involve any one or a combination of the following:

  • Collaborative Instructional Walkthroughs
  • School-based Professional Development Support
  • Coaching
  • District-Wide Professional Development
  • Resource Sharing

Department Goals

To build the capacity of content leads by: 

  • Establishing collaborative partnerships with principals and content leads
  • Providing high-quality feedback and actionable recommendations

To ensure access to high-quality instruction for all students by: 

  • Providing multiple learning opportunities aimed at improving content and pedagogical knowledge
  • Engaging in collaborative walkthroughs as a tool for continuously improving instructional practices

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Department Staff

Alethea Henry
Chief Instructional Support Officer

Raven Hawes
Director of Mathematics

Director of Literacy

Kiedra Anderson
Science Specialist

Angela Brumfield
Mathematics Specialist

Cheronda Thompson
Literacy Specialist