Grievance Resolution

The ASD considers parent, student and community support and input vital to school accountability and success. The general policy and procedures for addressing parents’ concerns or complaints about any ASD school in the district are provided below.

  • If a parent/community member or student has a concern that a school has violated the law, applicable district policy, a charter contract or student safety responsibilities, then they may appeal to the Achievement School District’s Office of the Superintendent for assistance resolving the issue. When warranted, the Office of the Superintendent will engage the ASD’s General Counsel and/or external authorities to investigate and/or address an issue. The decision documented by the Office of the Superintendent shall represent the input and final decision of the ASD leadership team.
  • Where the issue involves a criminal violation of the law (e.g., a parent believes that his or her child has been physically abused by a school employee or another student), the parent should immediately contact the local police department and the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services (DCS). School and district personnel who suspect student abuse are required to notify DCS and the ASD’s Office of the Superintendent, and shall immediately do so upon notification or substantiated suspicion that a student has been abused.

Parent and Community Grievance Resolution Flowchart

1. Which type of Problem am I having?

General Issues Enrollment Issues Special Ed Issues Critical Issues
  • Disagreement with a teacher or another student
  • Don’t like a discipline decision, except expulsion or if the decision could involve special education
  • Confusion about enrollment
  • Never received a school assignment
  • I want to transfer my child to another school
  • School said we should transfer or school said my child isn’t a good fit
  • My child is not receiving the special education services by his/her IEP
  • I disagree with a decision made by the IEP Team
  • My child has been expelled, or other serious discipline issues
  • My child is in danger and the school hasn’t responded
  • Serious legal or safety issues
  • Title IX and Title VI, and 504 Discrimination Claims
  • Please review the ASD Student Discrimination, Harassment, Bullying, and Cyber Bullying Policy

2. Who is responsible for working with me to find a solution?

These issues are the responsibility of the school. The ASD can’t mandate decisions in these areas. Most issues can be resolved by the school. The ASD’s student enrollment office will ensure that all ASD-eligible students are granted enrollment in accordance with ASD policy. These issues can be resolved by the school. The ASD’s special education office can serve as a mediator and will ensure all required services are provided. For these issues, the ASD’s Office of the Superintendent and appropriate Federal Programs coordinator will work with you until the issue is resolved.

3. What steps need to happen to address my problem?

  • Today you may contact the principal.
  • Within 5 school days you should hear a response.
  • After you’ve talked with the school you may not be happy with the decision. The principal can make many decisions for the school, and the ASD may not be able to change them.
For Transfers

  • Please meet with your school to begin the transfer process.

For Other Issues

  • Today you may contact the ASD’s student membership access office at 901-416-3119 or
  • Within 2 days the student membership and access office will let you know the next steps to resolve your issue.
  • Today you may contact the principal.
  • Within 3 school days, the school will contact you to discuss your concerns. The school must give you 10-day advance notice for any resulting IEP meeting.
  • Within 10 school days of the IEP Team meeting, any changes made to the IEP will be implemented unless otherwise determined by the IEP Team
  • Today you may contact the ASD’s Office of the Superintendent at 901-440-9735 for help.
  • You may contact the Title IX coordinator at 901-440-9735 or in person at 1219 Whitney Ave Memphis, TN 38133
  • Within 2 school days the ASD will organize the people needed to get an answer and update you and the school regarding next steps
  • Within 5 school days the ASD will let you know the plan to address your problem, if it’s not already addressed

4. What happens if my problem still isn’t resolved after I’ve done everything on the list?

If the school principal does not respond within 5 days or the response is unsatisfactory, you can reach out to the operator’s designated leader and if necessary, the Board, if it is a charter school; and to the Head of Schools if it is an Achievement School. To request an appeal of a remand/alternative school placement, you may contact the ASD’s Manager of Enrollment and Discipline within 5 school days of the remand notification at 901-440-9735 Your child should continue to attend the assigned school, as applicable. If within 5 days your child’s enrollment issue is not resolved, you may contact the ASD’s Manager of Enrollment and Discipline at for review. Please review the TDOE Notice of Procedural Safeguards on the state website for next steps. You will always be able to reach your ASD’s Office of the Superintendent contact during business hours. These issues may not be solved immediately, but your contact will make sure you know what’s going on,and won’t stop until we find an answer.