To develop a community of scientifically literate learners who appreciate the nature of science by asking questions, designing solutions, and solving problems.


To transform science education by providing opportunities for learners to learn science the way scientists “do” science.


Phenomena– Science instruction in the Achievement School District is three-dimensional. Students use their understanding of disciplinary core ideas along with cross-cutting concepts in concert with science and engineering practices to explain phenomena. Teachers must integrate phenomena into daily lessons in order for students to develop a conceptual understanding of scientific principles.

Interactive Simulations and Videos– Teachers can use interactive simulations and videos to help students visualize and engage with abstract science concepts. These simulations can also be used in place of investigations due to lack of resources and/or face-to-face instruction.

  • Phet Simulations
  • Concord Consortium
  • Gizmos (30-day free trial)
  • Utah Education Network (3-6 interactives)
  • Molecular Workbench