To develop a community of scientifically literate learners who appreciate the nature of science by asking questions, designing solutions, and solving problems.


To transform science education by providing opportunities for learners to learn science the way scientists “do” science.


Curriculum Resources:

Defined Learning offers various real-life project-based learning performance tasks in the form of highly engaging and customizable cross-curricular projects.

STEMScopes provides a collection of digital units (scopes) and explorations for elementary through high school science. All scopes are presented in the recommended 5E lesson framework. These lessons can be used as your primary curriculum or to supplement your current one.

Science instruction in the Achievement School District is three-dimensional. Students use their understanding of disciplinary core ideas along with cross-cutting concepts in concert with science and engineering practices to explain phenomena. Teachers must integrate phenomena into daily lessons in order for students to develop a conceptual understanding of scientific principles. Teachers can utilize the following in order to find phenomena to drive their lessons:

Georgia Science Teachers’ Association provides a bank of phenomena aligned to Georgia’s Science Standards. However, you can search through the phenomena by topic and find a wealth of great phenomena to drive your science lessons. GSTA also has great resources to assist with selecting and implementing phenomena.

Teachers can use interactive simulations and videos to help students visualize and engage with abstract science concepts. These simulations can also be used in place of investigations due to a lack of resources and/or face-to-face instruction.

Brain Pop provides videos, quizzes, games, and more on all science disciplines.

Concord Consortium provides free, interactive simulations for all K-12 science disciplines.

Gizmos are inquiry-based simulations for grades 2-12 science disciplines. (30-day free trial)

Molecular Workbench provides science visuals and simulations.

Phet is a collection of interactive simulations for Physical Science, Earth Science, and Biology.

Project Phenomena provides a database of NGSS aligned phenomena for elementary through high School Science.

Science Experiments for Kids offers a ton of experiments, games, and interactives to continue the science fun in or out of the school building.

The Wonder of Science provides a Master List of NGSS aligned phenomena for Elementary through High School science. The list is updated periodically with new phenomena for your students to explore.

Understanding Science has a collection of resources to assist teachers and students in figuring out the science behind the phenomena! The site has in-depth explanations of science concepts, lessons, videos, and more.

Utah Education Network provides 3rd-6th grade interactive simulations.  (plug-ins required)

Additional STEM Resources:

West Tennessee Stem Hub provides a list of resources for teachers and students to support STEM education for all students.

Kiedra Anderson
Science Specialist