Today, following an extensive four-month community input process, the Achievement School District (ASD) announced its 2016-17 school matches.  The list includes Caldwell-Guthrie Elementary, Hillcrest High, and Kirby and Raleigh-Egypt middle schools.

“The input we received from parents, teachers, and community members was critical in making these matches,” said Malika Anderson, incoming ASD superintendent.  “And we look forward to working shoulder to shoulder with parents and educators in our new schools to ensure every child meets their full potential.”

Charter operators Scholar Academies and Green Dot Public Schools have been matched with the new ASD schools next year.  Both operators are currently partnered with existing neighborhood Priority schools (in the bottom 5%) in Memphis.

Schools Matched and Joining the ASD in the 2016-2017 School Year

Four new schools to join the ASD

The decision to match each school was made under the guidance of four Neighborhood Advisory Councils (NAC) formed by the ASD and comprised of parents, community members, teachers and students who reside and work in conversion-eligible school communities.

“Joining the NAC was the perfect opportunity to learn more about the operators, the Priority schools themselves, and how well those schools are performing,” said Claudia Jones, a member of the Neighborhood Advisory Council representing Raleigh-Egypt Middle School. “It was an awesome experience being able to ask the operators questions and getting answers from the real people responsible for the different areas of work in the applications.”

The process included robust community engagement and extensive deliberation by parents, residents and neighborhood stakeholders in various priority school communities. NAC members reviewed the Applications for School Transformation submitted by the authorized charter operators interested in leading the transformation effort; provided feedback; and assessed the strength of each operator through direct engagement.

“We are so grateful to all NAC members for their hard work over the last few months assessing operators and for their commitment to ensuring appropriate matching decisions were made,” said Anjelica Hardin, ASD’s Director of Strategic Partnerships. “We believe strongly in the NACs and the process we used this year to include more parent and community voice in our conversion decisions.”

Operators that earned 50% or more of the available points from the NAC assessments were matched with a neighborhood Priority school. Operators that earned less than 50% of the available points were not matched. During this year’s process, Sheffield Elementary was not matched with Aspire Public Schools, the ASD charter operator authorized to open a new school in 2016-2017. Sheffield will remain with Shelby County Schools next year.

“We continue to have the utmost confidence in the great work happening at Aspire Public Schools in Memphis. Last year, students at Hanley earned the highest possible TVAAS growth rating of Level 5,” said Anderson.  “The decision for Sheffield to remain in Shelby County Schools was based entirely on the input we received from the Neighborhood Advisory Council members, who indicated they did not believe Aspire was a strong fit for Sheffield at this time.

“The ASD is encouraging parents and residents to stay engaged as the conversion process for its new schools proceeds next year.  We can’t allow our students’ incredible potential to go unrealized. All of us—ASD, SCS, and local community leaders—want our children to receive the education they deserve. And we are committed to working together to make it happen.”

Review the council summaries from each Neighborhood Advisory Council by clicking a link below.

Note: The strengths and concerns listed in the council summaries come directly from the evaluations completed by individual NAC members. This information does not reflect the views of the ASD and has not been checked for factual accuracy.

Caldwell-Guthrie Elementary School
Hillcrest High School
Kirby Middle School
Raleigh-Egypt Middle School
Sheffield Elementary School

Applications for School Transformation

Caldwell-Guthrie Elementary School – Scholar Academies
Hillcrest High School – Green Dot Public Schools
Kirby Middle School – Green Dot Public Schools
Raleigh-Egypt Middle School – Scholar Academies
Sheffield Elementary School – Aspire Public Schools (UPDATED)

Parent Survey Results

Caldwell-Guthrie Elementary School
Hillcrest High School
Kirby Middle School
Raleigh-Egypt Middle School
Sheffield Elementary School

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