Families, teachers and school staff from the five Achievement Schools in Frayser had lots of reasons to celebrate Wednesday. Our Frayser-based neighborhood schools network shared TCAP and Tennessee Value-Added Assessment System (TVAAS) data from the 2014-15 school year with the community during the ‘Building the Possible’ rally at Whitney Achievement Elementary School.

See the Achievement Schools results presentation.

Among the highlights from this year:

Four out of five schools achieved a composite Level 5 TVAAS rating. Each of the Achievement Schools earned a Level 5 rating in math and at least a Level 3 in reading. Westside Achievement Middle School earned a Level 5 TVAAS rating in all subjects!


Each of the Achievement Schools made impressive math gains. Whitney Achievement more than doubled the number of students proficient in math to 55%, catching up to the average proficiency of peers across the state. Georgian Hills Achievement Elementary, formerly the worst-performing elementary school in the state, made 9-point gains in reading and over 25-point gains in math. Continued growth in math at this pace would put these schools in the top 25% as soon as next year.


We’re keeping students in school more while also increasing learning. The number of suspensions fell almost 25% and expulsions dropped almost 80%. Instructional days lost to discipline dropped by almost 35%, with 1,250 fewer student days spent in out-of-school suspension – the equivalent of ~8 years of instructional time.

Students are happier, and feel safer at school: 85% of students report their schools have a positive culture and 82% are proud of their school. At Georgian Hills Achievement, 93% of students said they felt safe in school, netting the highest rating in the ASD. And 97% of the Achievement Schools students said they feel the adults in their school building care about them and want them to do well.


We’re thankful for our determined and focused students and teachers, and endlessly grateful to our community partners, Support Team staff and families. It’s through your tireless work that the Achievement Schools made such great progress this year. As we head into the next school year, we’re encouraged, energized and ready to work harder than ever to sustain our growth and build the possible in Tennessee!


Download the Achievement Schools Year 3 Results Presentation (438 KB)

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