ASD Launches Revolutionary Way To Reward Top Teachers

By Ash Solar

We’ve taken our unprecedented opportunity to prove the possible for students and developed what we believe is an unprecedented compensation and career pathway structure for teachers. After getting direction from our teachers this past summer, we’ve spent the past few months working to build a compensation and career pathway structure that aligns with our aspirational vision to prove the possible and rewards the great teachers who will make that vision a reality. Here’s a few reasons we’re fired up about our new teacher compensation and career pathways: Student-Focused We’re rewarding teachers for results; take care of our students and we’ll take care of you. While initial salary placement is based on years of experience, future raises will be based on performance – not years of experience, advanced degrees, additional certificates, etc. Examples of what this means include,

  • A brand new teacher with 5 years of outstanding results could see their base salary jump from $40,000 to $62,500.
  • A great master teacher in the ASD will earn over $90,000, when you include base salary, group performance bonus, and leadership stipends.

We’re creating career pathways that allow teachers to extend their impact on students and be organizational leaders, without having to leave the classroom to do so. Putting Our Money Where Our Mouth Is We don’t believe in silver bullets, but we do believe in the power of great teaching.  We know bringing great teachers together is essential for us to prove the possible, and we will invest more in great teachers than in anything else. Version 1.0 This is our current best effort at how to reward and recognize great teachers for great work with students. This system is built to honor great teaching first and foremost.  As we hear back from teachers over time, we will continue to modify and adjust our compensation and career pathways to make sure they are meaningful for our great teachers. We’re learning a lot here at the ASD and as we continue to learn together we will continue to improve together. This is the beginning of our journey to create a teacher compensation and career pathway model that reflects our desire to become the best place to work in public education while attracting, and growing with, the best educators in public education.

Compensation and Career Pathway FAQ’s

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