The Bremen Town Musicians Visit Corning Elementary

By Jessica Jackson

At Corning, students and staff know that building background knowledge is important and it can be lots of fun.  Last week, we got to show off our new curtains and redressed stage by welcoming Opera Memphis for a production of Breneman Town Musicians.

This touring operatic version of The Bremen Town Musicians introduces the audience to music by opera composers Offenbach, Rossini, Donizetti, Sullivan and Verdi.  Dorabella the cat, Barcarolle the dog, Eddie Pensier the rooster, and General Boom the donkey have been chased away from their farms as they have outgrown their usefulness.  General Boom wants to form a band for the town of Bremen with the outcast farm animals as musicians.  But sneaky pirates steal General Boom’s drum.  It doesn’t take long for all the characters, including the pirates, to realize that in order to be members of the band, they must consider the feelings of others.

Ms. Spiciarich, third grade teacher, and three of her students got to play a part in the play and truly stole the show.  Students from all grades were thoroughly entertained as they laughed and clapped and laughed and clapped some more.

For our students, this presented a great way to talk about genre, music, and literature and to connect classroom learning to real world fine arts.  We saw themes about character that play an important part in developing our student culture.

This is a great opportunity to integrate arts into the curriculum and build student culture.  We look forward to hosting more shows and providing our students with exciting academic experiences in the arts.

Mr. Davis, Dean of Students and fellow thespian, arranged for the show to come to Corning.  Davis said, “It helped develop peak experiences introducing our children to the arts and creating life long memories for them.”