The Tennessee Achievement School District will conduct a Public Hearing on Wednesday, January 11, 2017 to officially review the application of Frayser Community Schools in its bid to manage Humes Middle School (659 N. Manassas Street, Memphis, TN 38107).  This Public Hearing will also provide opportunities for public comments and questions for representatives of Frayser Community Schools with reference to this application.

All interested stakeholders and the community-at-large are invited to attend and participate in this hearing.

All aspects of this hearing will be managed and monitored by the Achievement School District. Contact us at info@achievementschooldistrict.org or 901-260-9649.

Meeting Agenda:

Comments and Questions:

If you are interested in commenting at the meeting or submitting a question, please complete the sign up/submission form using the link below:

Public Hearing Comment and Question Submission Form

Public comment sign-ups and questions will be accepted until Wednesday, January 11 at 12 PM. Please be advised that all submissions for public comment and questions may not be covered at the meeting due to time constraints.

Frayser Community Schools Application Documents

Humes Application, Part 1 (131 KB)

Humes Application, Part 2 (121 KB)

Humes Budget Narrative-Financial Impact Summary (200 KB)

Letter of Support–Henry Turley (242 KB)

Letter of Support–Neighborhood Christian Center (45 KB)

Letter of Support–Uptown Community Association (260 KB)