The Tennessee Department of Education (TDOE) today released annual accountability determinations for school districts across Tennessee for the 2016-17 school year.

For the Achievement School District, the final accountability determinations were as follows:

Achievement Status:           In Need of Improvement
Subgroup Status:                In Need of Improvement
Final Determination:           In Need of Improvement

Interim Achievement School District Superintendent, Dr. Kathleen Airhart offered the following statement with reference to the ASD’s status:

By definition, the Achievement School District was formed of schools in desperate need of improvement – schools that held positions in the bottom five percent (5%) of performance across the state.  The fact that our current accountability determinations are rated as “in need of improvement” speaks to the fact that most of the hard and critical work to support students and lift schools is still ahead of us. 

Today’s release from TDOE further underscored Lester Prep Middle School as “Priority Improving” and Georgian Hills Achievement Elementary as “Priority Exiting” with the following definitions for these terms:

Priority Exit: Schools exit Priority status if their one-year success rates exceed the 15th percentile when ranked against all other eligible schools in the same pool.

Priority Improving: Schools are labeled Priority Improving if their one-year success rates exceed the 10th percentile but do not exceed the 15th percentile when ranked against all other eligible schools in the same pool.

Airhart remarked “Lester Prep’s Priority Improving status is in addition to the school distinguishing itself with TVAAS Level 5 growth in all subjects.  The prospect of Georgian Hills Achievement School being on pace to return to its home district is particularly gratifying.”

She continued, “One of my first objectives as Superintendent was to visit Georgian Hills Achievement and Lester Prep.   Having spent time with these two focused school leaders and seen the culture and climate created at these institutions, I gained a better insight into the academic advances they have been able to make and hope they have restored at these schools.”

 “With all of the work we have ahead, it is still appropriate to applaud these schools and their leaders for reminding us all of what can be accomplished. ”