Today we are excited to release three charter Requests for Proposals!  With this year’s process comes a focus on specific needs not addressed by our current turnaround options. The RFPs will narrow the focus of the 2015 authorization process to alternative programs, innovative models, and specific grade-divisions needed in the neighborhoods we serve across Tennessee. Applicants who choose to move forward in this process must meet our high quality bar and also meet one of these three needs, and in exchange will be provided the opportunity to lead the way and create powerful “proof points” for what is possible for all students in Tennessee.

The ASD is committed to quality in every aspect of our operation, and we firmly believe that quality authorizing leads to quality schools. We want to be clear that we are committed to authorizing charters only to the leadership teams and organizations that demonstrate the capacity and plans necessary to operate high-performing schools.  To that end, we are contracting with experienced evaluators locally and across the country, all of whom were selected through a rigorous all call for evaluators, to develop a demanding, thorough, and transparent application and review process.

The first step in this process, the applicant’s mandatory Intent to Apply packet, is due by 5 p.m. Central Time on Monday, March 3.  For a full overview of the process, please check the ASD’s charter authorization page and plan to join us for the first informational webinar for potential applicants at 3 p.m. Central Time on Wednesday, February 12.

Please feel free to contact the Achievement School District with any questions you have regarding the Request for Proposals or evaluation.  You can direct questions to Margo Roen, Director of New Schools, at